Being a better you…

I thought I would bring to light an issue that I run into quite often being a personal trainer…comparisons.  People are discouraged before they even get started, because they compare themselves to others. Sadly, I’ve seen younger and younger children start this toxic thought process too. “I’ll never be as fit as her.” “I will never be able to lift as much as him.” “I will never beat so-n-so at a race.”
Your fitness journey is not about trying to “be” someone else. It’s about being a better YOU. It’s impossible to be anyone but you, so comparing yourself to others is only going to drag you down and make you lose sight of the goals you set for yourself. It’s great to have someone that inspires you, but when inspiration turns to envy, you’ve got to remind yourself that it’s impossible to ever be that person you envy, because you will always be you!
If you can’t run a whole lap at the track (yet)…who cares…at least you aren’t on the couch! You’re out there giving it all that you’ve got, and you should be proud of yourself. Lord knows that I’m no Felix Cane or Jenyne Butterfly when it comes to pole dancing, but that’s ok…because I’m not Felix Cane or Jenyne Butterfly. I’m happy with what I can do, because it’s a direct result of the time and effort I have put into it thus far.
My 9-year old niece got really discouraged one day during pole practice because she just couldn’t nail a particular spin. “I’ll never be able to do it” was her repeated phrase. A couple of days later, she came back with a determined attitude. She told me that she had seen a little poster by her teacher’s desk at school that said, “Never say I can’t unless you finish it with…yet”. She said she thought about it and how true it was. Even though you might not be able to do something when you start, doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to. By the end of her practice, she was able to get that spin and was so proud of herself.  As a trainer, that’s the best feeling in the world!  When someone who works hard at something, achieves their goal, and is proud of their accomplishment.
Focus today on being a better you. Because the only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday!

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