Life is Short. Choose Love.

Does your relationship need a little pick-me-up?  Then try something new together!
The other night, my husband jokingly told me to sit on his feet and he would lift me up… He was referring to the little game that my niece and I play to see how long she can balance sitting up on my feet.  When he mentioned this, it made me think of some articles I had seen about Acroyoga. We pulled up some photos to get an idea of what kind of poses you can do, then proceeded to give it a try.
3 hours later, we were tired & sore, but, it had been SO much fun.  We laughed… A LOT! More than we have in a long time. It made me really see and appreciate his strength, and how he was concerned about making sure I didn’t get hurt.  We both had to fully trust the other and we had to work together on all aspects of our little endeavor. Not to mention it was a great workout for the both of us!
What started out as a little joke turned into an incredible bonding experience.  All I can say, is stay tuned, because I have a feeling this will be something that we continue to practice!
I challenge you and your Honey to do a little bonding by trying something together. It doesn’t have to be Acroyoga (although, it IS really fun), but something that will get your blood pumping (endorphins = happy) and that you’ve never tried together before. You could jog, take a scenic hike, lift weights, run a Mud Race, go skydiving, go ice skating, try a yoga class… Your relationship deserves the effort. What’s better than feeling deeply connected to the one you love?
“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”  -Audrey Hepburn
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