Fit Friday


Well, these should all look familiar! I know y’all are super excited to do Crazy Planks again. 😀 At least it’s only for a minute and you only have to do one round. 😉

Here’s a couple of reminders to refresh your memory on some of the exercises:

HOP, HOP SQUATS – You’re moving forward and back. 2 Hops + the squat = 1 rep.

CRAZY PLANKS – It’s a combination of T-Plank Punches + 1 In & Out + 1 Wide In & Out…that all equals 1 rep.

GLOBE JUMPS – You’re moving in a square. Count each time you touch the ground as 1 rep.

PEDAL, LUNGE – Pedal 20 times quickly, then lunge once on one side, then switch and lunge on the other. That altogether = 1 rep.

SQUAT KICKS – After the squat, count the kick as 1 rep. Just remember that you’re switching legs each time you kick.

Have fun! 😀

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