Fit Friday for February 24th

Besides Monday, what a beautiful week! I could get used to this 75 degree sunny weather real quick! ❤

This is your last Fit Friday of February, so we’re going back to the basics to get you ready for your Fit Test on Monday.

Pushups: Try to get your chest as close to the ground as possible. Don’t let your lower back sag towards the ground, keep your core tight and don’t strain your neck looking forward or underneath you.

Sit-Ups: Try not to throw your arms…the momentum will be lifting you up rather than your core.

Burpees: Get the feet off of the ground at the end of each burpee…even if it’s just a little bit!

Squats: Protect your knees by checking your form. If you look down and you can’t see your big toe because it’s blocked by your knees, then you need to scoot your booty back. Push through your heels and keep your back straight.

Jumping Jacks: Make sure your hands are touching your sides, then again overhead. When an exercise seems hard, we tend to inadvertently modify to make it easier.

Remember to warm up first then cool down at the end! Have fun! 😀


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