Weekend Workout – January 19th

Hey my Peeps!

Happy Friday! You’ve made it through two weeks already…GREAT JOB! ❤

For this weekend workout, you’re going to be timing yourself for 15 minutes. You’ll keep going through the exercises until your time is up. Keep a log of how many rounds you were able to do and post that along with your sweaty selfie on Facebook (#weekendworkout)!

Unless otherwise specified, you will count the total number of movements for a particular exercise. For example, when it shows 30 Bicycle Crunches, you would count every elbow/knee connection, for what I like to call “total” count. If you have any questions about that, please feel free to ask!

Remember to warm those muscles up first. You don’t want to go into intense exercise with cold muscles! Also…you don’t want to stretch before your muscles are warm either…they are much more prone to being injured that way.

Watch your form and have fun! ❤


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