New Look!


Hey Everyone!

I hope you are all having a great week so far!

I’m terrible about updating social media. I wish I wasn’t, but, the only time I really like being at the computer is when I’m editing photos. So, having two websites, two Facebook Pages, two Instagrams… I just decided that I would consolidate and have everything in one place! It may be a little unconventional, but, I’ve always been a little unconventional anyway!

For those of you who don’t know, besides being a Fitness Instructor, I’m also a photographer. I offer photography services for things like family portraits, weddings, graduations, etc. But, I also do it as a hobby because I love wildlife and nature. I’ve always had a creative heart, but wasn’t blessed with the talents of painting or drawing. I found that photography is a great outlet for creativity!

Migrating things may take a little while, and I’m working on domain transfers, etc., so please bear with me! One Facebook, one website, one Instagram… YAY!

I really would like to share more… recipes, photos, blog posts and this way, I think I’ll be able to manage it all better!

Stay Tuned for more content!

Peace and Love,


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