Hi there!

I’m Casey… the “Fit Photographer” I guess you could say! I make people sweat and curse my name, but I also want to take your picture!

Fitness has always been extremely important to me because I’ve seen firsthand how diet and exercise can change your life. And actually, fitness is what led me to photography. In learning to use our fancy camera to take better food photos for my blog, I found that it is an amazing outlet in which I can let my creative heart shine.

After working desk jobs for over 15 years, I decided to take the plunge and actually do what I love doing. I love fitness… I love taking photos… so why not do both!

I hold Certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine for Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition since 2011, along with a CPR/AED Certification through the American Heart Association.

I’ve taken countless hours of photography classes over the last 4 years, and have applied what I’ve learned with my creative eye to create beautiful visual memories for everyone I’ve photographed.

When I’m not photographing beautiful things or leading a Bootcamp, you’ll find me making something yummy & healthy in the kitchen, or tracking down wildlife. I love the outdoors and a good adventure…just so happens that those two things make for great photo ops! My husband, Michael, and I love to travel and we live with our furbaby family in the Brazos Valley.

Peace & Love,