When you buy a package of time with me or join a Bootcamp/FitCamp, I commit to having enough time available to serve you. That affects how many other clients I can take on. For that reason, we don’t offer refunds. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis for things that arise that are out of your control.

Late/No Shows
My time is valuable, and so is yours. If you’re late for your session, you lose that time. If you don’t show, you’ll still be charged in full. In turn, I promise to honor our appointments, and be on time as well.

Medical Clearance & Liability Release
All participants must fill out and sign the following forms. Your health and safety are our top priorities. The Medical Clearance assures that we know about any past injuries or illnesses. The Liability Release assures that you know about the risks of entering into physical fitness. Failure to return these forms may result in denial of session time without refund. All Campers will be required to sign the Bootcamp/FitCamp Registration Agreement.

Liability Waiver


2019 BootCamp Registration Form