2nd Session Fit Camp Sign Up


As we’re in our last month of session 1, and since I’ve been asked about session 2 already, I thought I would go ahead and put this out there.

Please keep in mind that I limit my classes to 10 participants, so if you’re interested in joining Session 2, please get in touch with me asap.

Here are some common FAQ’s:

Why do you charge for your classes?

There are several reasons why my classes are not free.

  1. Training is my career. If I didn’t charge for my classes, then I would have to work at a gym, thus making me inaccessible to you… unless you paid for training at the gym at which I was working, so then you would be paying anyway. You pay your hairstylist, manicurist and masseuse… they have all been through training to be successful in their careers, just as I have.
  2. I’m certified. This means that I put a lot of time and effort into studying anatomy, exercise dynamics, nutrition, etc. and had to pass a proctored test in order to receive my certification. This also means that I have to maintain my CPR/AED certification, complete the required number of CE’s every two years and pay a recertification fee. I put a lot of work into building my knowledge so that I can pass it along to my students, while keeping you safe.
  3. Accountability! If my classes were free, you have nothing to lose by not showing up. People who pay for their services are more likely to attend since they have invested something into it.

Do I have to be in shape to join your classes? 

Absolutely not! You’re not supposed to clean before the housekeeper comes, right? Just how you don’t have to get in shape before you come to a fitness class. The classes are always full of a wide range of capabilities, therefore; there’s always modifications to any exercise.

Are you going to yell at me if I don’t do something right?

No ways! There are a lot of different trainers out there… some are screamers, some are not. I…am not. My classes are focused on encouragement and positive reinforcement. I won’t be in your face and I won’t be forcing you to do anything that you don’t want to do. Now, if you are doing something wrong that could potentially harm you (i.e. If you’re squatting incorrectly, this could put too much pressure on your knees and cause an injury.), I will bring it to your attention and show you the proper way. It’s not to front you out, and it will never be in a mean way… it’s just that your safety is my top priority and I want to keep you injury free.

Are your classes hard?

You can ask any current or prior participants, and they are going to say that it’s hard! We do a lot of bodyweight exercises, but we also lift weights, use a punching bag, battle rope, kettlebells… We run, we plank….we SWEAT! I’m not saying this to scare anyone off. All fitness levels are capable to doing what we do. The classes are focused on doing what YOU can do. Not what I can do, or what the person next to you can do… it’s all focused on what YOU are willing to push yourself to do. If you have to modify an exercise or take a break, that’s all perfectly fine.

What if it rains?

Rain or shine, we still have class! While the majority of the time, we use my driveway, the track, fields, etc., when it rains, we pile into the garage. Everyone is safe and covered from the rain, but we still get to have class. The only time classes are cancelled are when the weather is just too unsafe for everyone to drive in (this happened once when we were having tornadoes and flooding), or if there’s an emergency. I don’t like to cancel classes, so I do everything possible to make sure we keep it going. Not even having been in a car accident was enough to make me cancel class, LOL!

I’m not used to working out in a group. What’s it like?

Group settings are a fantastic way to work out. There’s so much more energy than when you’re working out alone. You will find that we work as a team by motivating and encouraging each other. No one will ever put you down, because I just don’t allow that. We laugh, we joke, we complain about how much we all hate burpees… but most importantly, we’re there for each other, just like a big ol’ family!


Have another question? Please don’t hesitate to contact me! I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have!


Yours in Health,






Every End is a New Beginning!


Well, tonight marks the end of Bootcamp 2016! Never fear…I’m already working on plans for 2017!

While I want to keep a lot of the aspects the same, I also want to make some changes. Rather than just pounding our bodies with intense workouts, I want to make it more of a yoga fusion. We would still be working our hiney’s off to burn calories and build muscles, but we would incorporate some yoga postures to help with flexibility & breathing techniques for stress reduction. It would be a holistic, total body approach to maximize your overall well-being. Sound good? Good!

If you’re with me so far, I want to go over some very important matters.

Registration is limited to 10 participants…no exceptions – It’s very important to me to be able to monitor everyone’s form and to give you more one-on-one attention if it’s needed. When my classes get too big, it’s pretty tough to make sure everyone is doing every exercise correctly. Your safety and well-being is of utmost importance!

Attendance – Results depend greatly on your participation, and if you don’t show, chances are, you will not see the results you desire. I do plan on instituting the Team dynamic again, as that seemed to work really well for attendance. I understand that things happen or come up, but excuses and just general no-shows have no place in this Fit Camp.

No Registration Agreement, No Admittance – A signed registration agreement is required with your payment to participate. If you bring a friend/family member that wants to try it out, they will be allowed to watch, however; they will not be allowed to participate in the workout.

No drama! – This simply means that if you start trouble, then you’re out. I want the environment to be encouraging, supportive and motivating. We vent to each other about everyday life, which it totally cool, but trash talking or complaining about others within the group will not be tolerated.

Goals, Goals, Goals! – Everyone will be required to have a goal. Whether you want to lose 5lbs, be able to run a mile, drop a dress size, etc., you need to have something to work towards. Something measurable so that you can feel totally awesome about yourself when you accomplish it!

Still with me? Then Fit Camp is for you! I want you to come away from it feeling confident & proud with a new lease on life. Stay tuned for more information! Registration will begin soon!